For me……. It’s all about the beach.


Man, I could feel it, the moment I saw the Sidney Lanier Bridge in front of me. I knew it was going to lead me to peace, calm and tranquility for a few days. I was ready. Stress relief…. Total relaxation…. Spoiled rotten…. The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort, on beautiful St. Simon’s Island had called to me and I had come running. I couldn’t wait. The heart and soul of me needed it.

Some people hike towards the mountains and even though I love the sight of those rolling ridges, gazing at the vastness of them as they stretch across the horizon, it’s the beach, that constant ebb and tide, that calls out and reels me in every time.

Other people crave the city, the sight of those high-rises, the business of a super-quick environment, with it’s kinetic pace, determined to get from point A to point B in the least amount of time possible. Like it’s some kind of contest. I love the architecture of the city, don’t get me wrong. The museums and the theatre, the fancy pastries or five star restaurants are always a favorite of mine. Regardless of all the things I adore about the city, It still makes it a ” great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there “, if you know what I mean.

Really, just give me the beach and I’m renewed. Healed and Happy.


Life is a wicked stressful place sometimes, that’s the truth of it for all of us. Getting away to the beach for a few days can be exactly what the Dr. ordered. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, bare feet planted in the hot sand, or cool waves washing away worries and occasionally having the beach to oneself in those odd hours of the day, can often be better than any prescription scribbled down on paper and brought to the pharmacy.

For me, it is usually immediate. I can feel my blood pressure naturally make it’s way down to where it should be. I can tell that my mind is clearer and my ‘zen’ is a most welcome best friend when I get to enjoy the shore for awhile.


The beach is better than therapy. I’m able to shake away heavy cobwebs. I can deal with the things that have been bothering me. The ocean, with it’s many changing faces, is objective. Doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall, but seems to help me work it all out. While I walk along, looking for sand dollars and starfish, trying to capture some of the beauty with my camera, the ocean does it’s job to sooth me.

Sometimes I catch myself smiling, watching families with children building sandcastles, or  couples, holding hands as they walk along these miles of natural beauty together. At The King and Prince, every single person I saw was in a good place. Didn’t matter if they were swimming in one of the property’s gorgeous pools or splashing around in the salt water itself, people just seemed to be more relaxed and happy. Maybe because we were all on Island time. Turtle time, call it what you want. Slow motion is good thing…. Not rushing around is even better….. Good feng shui is definitely the best of all worlds and you’ll get it all right here.


Real life will greet you when you get back home. Unfortunately, that’s a promise. Maybe a few days in the fresh air though, with the warm ocean breezes washing over you for awhile, can help you deal with it the moment you have to. Maybe you can make better decisions, or even different decisions, after a few days at the beach and under the cover of King and Prince Resort.

Believe me, you won’t regret a minute of your visit to the beach there… I cannot wait to make my way back.


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