The best time of her life

I work full-time in a retail jewelry store. This Valentines’ day, a gentleman walked in, looking for a gift for his wife. We got to talking about travel and his eyes lit up.

” My Mother’s lifetime dream was to travel to Switzerland. It was all that she talked about. I handed her tickets one day, for no particular reason and we started planning our trip there. ”

He told me about seeing the mystical Matterhorn – Zermatt , shared their cultural visit to Château de Chillon, talked about how the two of them walked through the halls of Switzerland’s famous Swiss National Museum. I watched his eyes light up while he was talking to me. It was like he was back there, with his mom, experiencing the trip all over again.

He was laughing when he told me his mom insisted on a visit to Knies Kinderzoo in Rapperswil, Tiere hautnah: Startseite, where she wanted to act like a child again, enjoying the antics of all the animals there at the zoo.

He got quiet for a moment. ” Did you take pictures? Do you go through them with your mother now? ” I asked him. He nodded his head.
” We took so many pictures. We looked at them often afterwards. I am grateful for the memories. ” He paused. ” Mom was 89 when we went. She had so much energy, it was hard to keep up with her! I think she knew the end was coming. She was gone a little over 6 months after we got back home to the states. ”

89 years old! Imagine that! It is never too late to travel ~ To go somewhere new, to mark something off of your bucket list. I was happy that they’d taken pictures. I could totally understand why he was so grateful that they did. Now, memories of his mom can come alive anytime at all. He only needs to turn the pages in the scrapbook they’d put together. This country might be so far away in miles, yes, but so close in heart and mind and soul.

They went in the Summer. She died in the Fall. The wound in losing her so raw, you could see it in his eyes. ” It was her trip of a lifetime. She told me I gave her the time of her life. ” He smiled. ” Hearing those words made me happy to be her son, they made me feel like a hero. ”


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